Skreem turns Brands potential customers into their advocates at an instance.

Gone are the days you need identification tools to browse relevant influencers and invite them into your campaign. There are now too many. That’s like posting a bike for sale online, and having to hand-pick potential buyers one by one. It’s far more powerful to post your brief and let the influencers come to you.

Because they come to you having already crafted the content willing to endorse your brand, You still get to vet them. But you vet them on Skreem Dashboard, where you see exactly what you get, from who and for how much. It’s the least you deserve.

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Execute Smarter Campaigns

Flawless Communication & Full control over what thy post

Smooth, single point interface to communicate to large pool of influencers at once. Posts go live only after approval.


Manage 10000 influencers in the time it took to manage one.

Data Science That drives Relevance and Authenticity

Influencers on the Platform Match 100% of the profile you are looking for. Our machine learning algorithms are constantly learning to pick and choose the right influencer from the large pool maximising the outcome.

Track Real Time Metircs

Track live, How the influencers are engaging their following. How is the conversation going. Engage and Get Real insights into consumer mindset.


Run Campaigns at will. Doesnt matter if its midnight. Our influencers love it

How it works

Ready to create something stunning with Skreem?