People do not buy goods & services, they buy relations, stories & magic.
Skreem is for brands who embrace social media & who would like to engage directly with their potential customers for real, authentic & successful affiliations.
Our platform is driven by Strategy, Data Science, Human Intelligence.
Introducing technology with the power of human voice to maximize your brand communication.

How Exactly?

Built for Real people, Content Creators, Lovers of Social Media & Thought Leaders who can influence.
Authenticity is the soul of all our campaigns.
Skreem is tailor made for people who are passionate, embrace a lifestyle choice & let their content do the talking, not the follower count.
Collaborate with the world's biggest brands from the comfort of your phone.

How Exactly?

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Case Studies

The Serai Resorts

Hospitality, Travel
Campaigns: 12 Impression: 36M
Reach: 36M Engagements: 81K


Technology, Food, Online Shopping, Retail, Startup
Campaigns: 6 Impression: 13M
Reach: 13M Engagements: 33K


Electronics, Retail, Technology
Campaigns: 2 Impression: 4M
Reach: 4M Engagements: 10K


Finance, Sports
Campaigns: 1 Impression: 8M
Reach: 8M Engagements: 21K


Fashion, Online Shopping, Retail, Wedding
Campaigns: 1 Impression: 2M
Reach: 2M Engagements: 3K

Fashion, Online Shopping, Wedding
Campaigns: 3 Impression: 12M
Reach: 12M Engagements: 32K


Fashion, Fitness, Food, Health
Campaigns: 10 Impression: 5M
Reach: 5M Engagements: 13K


Home Decor & Lifestyle, Retail, Online Shopping
Campaigns: 2 Impression: 1M
Reach: 1M Engagements: 2K

Classic Coffee

Food, Online Shopping, Retail
Campaigns: 6 Impression: 12M
Reach: 12M Engagements: 27K

Brand Partnerships

Thought Leadership

How Brand Influencers are Driving Sales

Traditional marketing is great, but we live in digital times which calls for embracing and adopting influencer marketing to bump up the sales for your business. Brand influencers today are rapidly bridging the gap between customers and brands.


Why Brands Are Choosing Influencers Over Celebrities!

Celebrities and film stars seem dated since the arrival of the new breed of stars aka Influencers in town. It seems that the appeal and limelight that celebrities used to wield before has diminished a bit